Doppia Firma 2024 at Villa Mozart in Milan

On the occasion of the 2024 edition of Salone del Mobile, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte is pleased to present the eighth edition of “Doppia Firma. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence” a project developed with Living, the interiors, design and lifestyle magazine of Corriere della Sera, under the patronage of the Michelangelo Foundation […]

16/04/2024 - 21/04/2024
Villa Mozart - Milano


The future of young artisans at the Made in Italy Festival

Milan hosted the first Made in Italy Festival: the new Eccellenza Artigiana initiative that connects students with the opportunities offered by the Italian economy of “high quality savoir-faire”. Fondazione Cologni has been an institutional partner of the event and presented to the young audience the project of training internships “Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Percorsi di […]

Talent Garden Calabiana - Milano


A successful challenge: Starhotels Award nominations closed

Nominations for the Starhotels Award, now in its third edition, closed on Friday, March 22, 2024. The chosen theme, “Souvenir of the Grand Tour”, has aroused great interest in the artisan world: many nominations were received from all over Italy, with very different types and often highly original interpretations. After screening by the prestigious Jury […]


Napoli su misura. Craft Shopping Guide

Composer Gustav Mahler said that tradition “is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” An image that seems to fit Naples perfectly: not only because of its relationship with a tradition so famous that it has become iconic, but also because of the vital substratum that pulses beneath the heart of this […]


Registration open for the XXXth edition of Artigianato e Palazzo

On the occasion of a historic anniversary, registration opens to participate as an exhibitor in the Thirty-Year Anniversary of “Artigianato e Palazzo”, to be held Sept. 13-15, 2024, at the Corsini Garden in Florence. MAM Supporters of the Craft Professions Award, “Artigianato e Palazzo, artisan workshops and their commissions,” has been receiving the patronage of […]

13/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
Giardino Corsini - Firenze


The “Craft Experiences” by La Grande Bellezza

Among the many concrete actions that the Starhotels hotel group has activated in support of Italian high craftsmanship, a rich carnet of “Craft Experiences” has been created to be experienced in some of the most important artisan workshops in Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome. A special way of proposing exclusive and quality tourism that is […]


Nominations for Starhotels “Souvenir of the Grand Tour” award extended until March 22

Extended at the request of many artisans the deadline for entries to the “Souvenir of the Grand Tour” award, which slips from March 1 to March 22, 2024. The biennial prize is part of the many patronage actions carried out by Starhotels’ La Grande Bellezza project, in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni, OMA-Osservtorio dei Mestieri d’Arte […]


Call for proposals 2024 by Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza

The 2024 call for proposals of the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza, aimed at financing strategic communication and branding of cultural and territorial enhancement projects, is now online. The call for proposals was presented on November 21, on the occasion of the Forum of Beauty: a day dedicated to all those virtuous projects that focus […]


The Fondazione Cologni ceramics workshops at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum

On the occasion of the exhibition “White Gold. Three Centuries of Ginori Porcelain” (Oct. 25, 2023 – Feb. 19, 2024), Fondazione Cologni is organizing several workshops for adults dedicated to porcelain at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan. The first workshop, held by Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore of Elica Studio, was held on November […]

13/01/2024 - 10/02/2024
Museo Poldi Pezzoli - Milano


The third edition of the La Grande Bellezza Award

The third edition of the “La Grande Bellezza” Award, promoted by Starhotels in collaboration with Associazione OMA, Fondazione Cologni and Guppo Editoriale, invites artisans resident and regularly operating in Italy to apply to submit works on the theme “Souvenirs of the Grand Tour.” Italy has historically been a favorite destination of the Grand Tour and […]


The (new) Museum of Costume and Fashion at Palazzo Pitti

The Museum of Costume and Fashion has just opened in the Palazzina della Meridiana in the Pitti Palace, following the thorough structural and exhibition renovation of the former Costume Museum, which opened in 1983. It was and is the only Italian state museum entirely devoted to Fashion. On the occasion of the opening there is […]


Pulcherrima Testimonia. Hidden Treasures in the Archdiocese of Florence

The exhibition Pulcherrima Testimonia. Hidden Treasures in the Archdiocese of Florence is set up in the complex of the Basilica of San Lorenzo (Donatello Hall). It presents a wide selection of more than 200 works that are part of the artistic heritage of the Florentine diocese. The exhibition is the final result of a long […]

07/12/2023 - 08/09/2024
Basilica di San Lorenzo - Firenze


Mini Master “Una Scuola, un Lavoro” 2023: a november in the name of education

Underway is the Mini Master 2023 of “Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Percorsi di Eccellenza” (“One School, One Job. Paths of Excellence”) featuring 25 talented youngsters from all over Italy, gathered in Milan to attend ad hoc classes in Milan’s most prestigious schools and universities during the entire month of November. Once again Starhotels, hospitality partner […]



Homo Faber 2024: call for artisans in Venice

Al via i preparativi per la prossima edizione di Homo Faber, che avrà luogo dal 1 al 30 settembre 2024 a Venezia, presso la Fondazione Giorgio Cini. E torna anche Homo Faber in Città, progetto di Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship in partnership con Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte. Con Homo Faber in Città […]


The catalog Vetro, artisti e designer milanesi 1976-2023 is out

More than a book a “still image” of 50 years of Milanese culture. It is the catalog Vetro, artisti e designer milanesi 1976-2023 (My Monkey editions), which followed the exhibition (Sept. 27-Oct. 25, 2023) held in Milan’s L’Originale space. It presents works by artists of different backgrounds, some of which have become icons of 20th-century […]


Ara Starck and Neapolitan artisans in the cloister of Santa Caterina a Formiello

The exhibition creates a magical conjunction between the works of Ara Strack, a well-known French artist, and Neapolitan glass and wood artisans, in the evocative 16th-century cloister and evidence of industrial archaeology of Santa Caterina a Formiello, in the center of Naples. The installation of the large stained-glass window, at the center of the cloister, […]

21/10/2023 - 20/01/2024
Made in Cloister Piazza E. De Nicola, 48 - Napoli


The first 50th anniversary of the “Pozzo dei Lavatoi”: a protagonist in the history of Montelupo Fiorentino ceramics

In 1973 the Archaeological Group of Montelupo accidentally spotted near an area where there were public wash houses, an ancient well, more than 30 meters deep. Between the late 14th century and the end of the 16th century it was used as a dumping ground by the medieval and Renaissance furnaces active in the town’s […]

Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)


Pensiero video. Disegno e arti elettroniche (Video thinking. Drawing and electronic arts)

The Fondazione Centro Studi sull’Arte Licia e Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti in Lucca presents an exhibition that traces a path through the expressive potential of electronic arts, featuring drawings, videos and video installations by national and international artists. The exhibition begins with Ludovico Ragghianti’s anticipations and reflections on the importance of drawing as a medium of […]

21/10/2023 - 07/01/2024
Fondazione Centro Studi sull’Arte Licia e Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti - Lucca


Monarchs at the table. Banquets at the great Italian Courts, at Reggia di Venaria

Monarchs at the table. Banquets at the great Italian Courts is the title of the current exhibition in the evocative rooms of the Rooms of the Arts on the second floor of the Turin Palace. There are more than 200 works including paintings and table furnishings that illustrate the customs and refinement in the ritual […]

28/09/2023 - 28/01/2024
Reggia Venaria - Torino


Rosalba Carriera, miniatures on ivory, the new exhibition at Ca’ Rezzonico

The exhibition Rosalba Carriera, miniatures on ivory presents the works of an artist, contended by European courts, famous for portraits of personalities, of varying notoriety. Those works are visual testimonies of a century, brilliant and at the same time full of tensions, but fascinating in its contradictions. The exhibition, set up in the enveloping atmosphere […]

13/10/2023 - 09/01/2024
Ca' Rezzonico - Venezia