Fantasy and inspiration

The thousand resources of the Italian craftsman

We know how boundless Italian imagination and creativity can be. Italy is also a wealthy and varied country both historically and geographically. Each place is a discovery, with its own special qualities, developed through outside influences or through having to meet needs. And when creativity, ingenuity, history and, why not, meeting needs come together, the possibilities are infinite.


This is one of the reasons why, all over the country, there are artistic products and accomplishments from ancient local traditions, myths and legends passed down orally, from ancient knowledge that challenges the most original forms so that often there are no pre-defined categories into which to put these products.


A license for freedom used in photography, or printing with ancient techniques, and wooden moulds to decorate fabric, but also books printed with old printing presses, or liqueurs made from herbs using ancient recipes that are part of the culinary landscape for which Italy is famous the world over.

Discover all craftsmanship Miscellaneous and curios


Fumisteria Vigorelli
Via Pioppette, 4, Milano, MI, Italia

Arte della miniatura
Via dei Cerchi, 17r, Firenze, FI, Italia

Viale Roma, 3, Santa Sofia FC, Italia

Barbieri Edizioni d’Arte
Via di Monticelli, 6r, Firenze, FI, Italia

Antica Tipografia Biagini
Via S. Giustina, 22, Lucca, LU, Italia

Tipografia Grifani Donati
Corso Camillo Cavour, 4, Città di Castello, PG, Italia

Rapa Giovanni
Via Giorgio Cantono, 13, Andorno Cacciorna, Andorno Micca, BI, Italia

Fratelli Pascucci 1826
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 18, Gambettola, FC, Italia

Studio d’Arte Tipografica di Leboroni
Via S. Galigano, 3/5, Perugia, PG, Italia

Studio Kinoki di Luca Riccioni
Via Fratelli Cervi, 11, Civitavecchia, RM, Italia