Moulding the material

The maieutic art of the craftsmen

The art of shaping material, any material, and making it into an object for daily use or decoration, using techniques that have been refined over time to become the heritage of many trades, is one of the foundations of Italian culture, its knowledge, roots and wealth.


Italy has no end of historical or new-generation workshops that produce the highest level of traditional arts and crafts, often bringing innovation with the culture of the project. Working with clay, ceramics and stained glass, there is a proud history involving many artists of the highest level. There are the ancient arts of forging metals, from iron to copper and brass, or mosaic, a millennia-old source of fascination, or the unimaginable strength of paper. It takes ability to know how to read the wood or stone and see what can be made from these seemingly inanimate materials. These old and new traditions live on today in the poetic workshops of the masters of skill and know-how.


Each workshop is a small world where one can admire vases, plates, frames, statues, knives, books, crystal glasses, all of which take shape in the expert hands of artisans, as if by magic. They leave their personal imprint, making each piece unique and priceless.


This is how a piece of iron or clay, a trunk or a stone becomes an exclusive luxury furnishing. These large or small design items or utensils bring a touch of class to even the most elegant interiors.

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