Design and furnishings

Italy, home to fine furnishings and weaving

‘Made in Italy’ is very famous in the furniture and decor sector.


Its artisans have skill, creativity, customer focus and a special sensibility for the quality of service as well as that of the product. All of this underlies Italian craftsmanship and its unique design.


Using the most varied materials, exceptionally skilled artisans create everything required to decorate the house of one’s dreams with the exclusivity of the custom-made object.

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Design workshops are recovering the historical and cultural tradition of our country, but are also engaged in a constant quest for new aesthetic and functional solutions.


In addition to furnishings, they also make quality fabrics with the best fibres, techniques and antique looms with painstaking and passionate labour.


Silks, velvets, damasks and macramé are made in Italy’s numerous and important textile centres with roots in ancient times.


It is from these workshops that the major world-renowned fashion houses acquire their fabrics.


But not only this, these are also excellent places for elegant tapestries, elegant interior decoration (such as carpets, curtains, household linen), liturgical vestments and more.

Ideal for those who want to create exquisite, fascinating interiors.

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