The Etruscans at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Etruscan art and craftsmanship are the protagonists of an exhibition visible until May 31, 2021, at the MANN in Naples. About 600 works of various types offer an evocative story of this people who settled in the lands of Campania and the Mediterranean panorama from the tenth to the sixth century BC. The artefacts conserved and acquired by the Neapolitan Archaeological Museum, together with finds from the Roman Museum of Villa Giulia and the funerary discovery of the Bernardini Tomb in Palestrina, present a selection of precious objects, often unpublished, made of bronze, such as a cantilevered fibula with small sculptors in the shape of ducks in the centre, or gold and silver jewellery, including a cantilevered decorated cup describing a hunting scene, or another cup depicting armies of soldiers in a naturalistic landscape. Among the particularly evocative objects, due to their formal elegance and granulation technique, an art in which Etruscan goldsmiths excelled, there is a buckle (affibbiaglio), dating from the 7th century B.C., made of bars, decorated with seated sphinxes and female heads at the ends.

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Wellmade participates in Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture 2023

“Discovering Italian savoir-faire and artistic craftsmanship”, Wellmade’s itinerary among the artisan workshops in the centre of Bergamo, scheduled for Saturday 28 January from 10 a.m. to about 5 p.m., is part of the programme “La città in festa”, the inaugural days of Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura, coordinated by the Department of Culture with […]


“Bahuaus Barocco”: only a few places still available!

A free course for the creation of the Palazzo Litta brand: enrolment is open until Saturday 4 February for the “Bauhaus Barocco” workshop, devised for the MiC Lombardy Regional Secretariat and entrusted to the CorsiArte training body with the collaboration of Chiara Gatti, art historian, journalist and CorsiArte lecturer, and the scientific care of the […]


DoppiaFirma and Homo Faber, two examples that become models

On the occasion of the presentation of the programme for Elefsina European Capital of Culture 2023, the Greek Deputy Minister of Culture, Nicholas Yatromanolakis, mentions: ‘We want to do something similar to the Italian projects of DoppiaFirma and Homo Faber, opening a hub. Among the many opportunities for the cultural, but also economic and social […]


Sustainability at your fingertips

Fifteen bags, part of the collection of the Domenico Michelucci Civic Museum of Straw and weaving in Signa, others donated or offered on temporary loan by private individuals, are the protagonists of the exhibition Sustainability at your fingertips. These are objects, together with hats, that distinguish the production of Signa and its territory, made of […]