Italia su misura launches the #ichoosemadeinitaly project

The portal devoted to fine craftsmanship, Italia su misura, launches the social use of the #ichoosemadeinItaly hashtag. Through a social campaign based on portraits of artisans, Italia su misura aims to promote a real movement and lay the foundation for the relaunching of fine Italian craftsmanship. The world of artistic crafts is rich in knowhow, expertise and great creative skills; it represents the soul of Italy and is its most precious heritage, from which we hope to start over again in order to build a future tailored to our needs. A future fine-tuned on our humanity and on the safeguard of the planet’s life. Vivian Saskia Wittmer . calzolaio . Firenze The promoters of this initiative are Associazione OMA - Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, two institutions committed to promoting and preserving the culture and of fine Italian craftsmanship which, together with Gruppo Editoriale, are the partners of the web project, one of the most influential showcases of made-in-Italy excellence. Antonino Sciortino . fabbro . Milano The project invites all beauty lovers, and those who believe in the authentic values of sustainability, to acknowledge how important the quality of “handmade” is. All they have to do is share the content of the campaign on their social channels or publish posts with the same spirit and aimed at relaunching the #ichoosemadeinitaly hashtag. Therefore, let’s start over again from the excellence of Italian artistic craftsmanship, and then have all the Made-in-Italy industries – from fashion to design, from food-and wine to hospitality - unite in the same vision: they constitute the core business of our unique country, for which we are renowned all over the world. Gabriele e Paolo Levaggi . seggiolai . Chiavari Believing that the current time of uncertainty will lead us to the rediscovery of a new “Humanism” based on the centrality of the human being and on common social values, #ichoosemadeinitaly invited to go back to an authentic and original dimension, to rediscover the pleasure and the taste for high-quality Italian productions, made according to specific techniques and traditions, inorder to keep carrying on the values embedded in our DNA and with which we identify. Antonio Liverano . sarto . Firenze Our roots are firmly planted in the beauty that has been guiding our hands and lighting our eyes up for Centuries: whether man-made, such as the masterworks by the great artists of the past, or natural, like the sweet Tuscan hills and the endless, breathtaking Italian landscapes, from the mountains to the lakes and sea. Our man-made and natural treasures are, today more than ever before, the foundations upon which we shall build a new way of living, imbued with Italian values. Marta Ferri . sarta . Milano “The artistic crafts sector has been hit very hard by the coronavirus crisis”, Luciano Barsotti, President of the OMA Association, says. “Once the health emergency is over, we are all called to support the greatness of our “Made in Italy”. Never has it been more urgent for Italians to support Italian know-how. Therefore, I invite everyone to choose and buy made-in-Italy products and proudly share this message to encourage conscious and quality buying behavior”. “Craftsmanship contributes to the creation of beauty as much as genius does. But it is not as celebrated, and may go unnoticed”, Franco Cologni, President of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, says. “The hand that skillfully creates something should be well presented and praised, because only human touch can infuse an object with the quality that elevates it above mass production. These hands, these minds, these passions must be made known and supported: our best “Made in Italy” products, the talent and skills of our artisans are stronger and more resilient than the hardest of attacks. And thanks to everyone’s help, they will keep on shaping the future of beauty”.    

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