DOPPIA FIRMA by Michelangelo Foundation, Fondazione Cologni and Living

18/04/2023 - 23/04/2023

The seventh edition of Doppia Firma. Dialogue between design thinking and high craftsmanship, in a path that winds through the magnificent halls of the main floor of Palazzo Litta, enhances the union between design innovation and the tradition of the great masters of art. In this 2023 edition, the creative pairs come not only from European countries, but for the first time also from other continents, such as Asia (with a work made in Pakistan) or Latin America (with the work of Colombian artisans), to create a creative union between a designer/artist and an artisan, or manufacture of excellence. 24 works that arise from the mutual fertilization between design culture and a know-how that is an authentic expression of the territory. Doppia Firma 2023 turns its attention to the fascinating concept of the "playful": a theme that has always been present in contemporary art and applied arts, with very interesting and often original results, outside of rules and schemes. In fact, the ludic ranges from playfulness to humor, from irony to allusion, from metaphor to jest to conscious confusion, to the reversal of perspectives and values: in this conceptual area, the designer and art master are called upon to express their vision, in contamination and transgression, between irony and fun, in a dimension of total pleasure and creative freedom. Also for 2023, the materials and techniques on which the designers' planning and the craftsmen's exceptional dexterity have met are numerous (ceramic, metal, mirror, wood, glass, straw, paper, ...) to arrive at new interpretations of functional or decorative pieces. Iconic objects conceived by Luca Nichetto, Pierre Marie, Chris Wolston, Supertoys Supertoys, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Victor Cadene, Jean Blanchaert, Giampiero Bodino and other internationally renowned designers who have worked with master craftsmen and exceptional manufactures such as De Castelli, Barbini Specchi Veneziani, Emaux de Longwy, Craman Lagarde, Lunardelli Venezia, Lucio Bubacco and many others... Also enriching the selection is a piece of work by artist-craftsman Emanuela Crotti and a special collaboration with Triennale Milano for the second edition of the Artijanus/Artijanas project. (ph. Laila Pozzo per Doppia Firma)    

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