MIDA 2020 changes dates: the 84th International Craft Show will take place from 16 to 20 December, again at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence

Founded in Florence in 1931, the International Handicraft Exhibition is the first exhibition-market of handicrafts in Italy and is still today the most important event dedicated to the excellence of craftsmanship in the world. In order to transform this moment of crisis into an opportunity for growth, to continue to sustain artisans and companies, and to contribute energetically to the sector's relaunch on the global market, MIDA 2020, the 84th International Handicrafts Exhibition, scheduled from April 24 to May 1, has been postponed from December 16 to 20, again in its historic setting of the Fortezza da Basso. In these months, the construction of Emporio MIDA is planned: a permanent digital vetrine dedicated to our exhibitors. A project to build the future of crafts together. All the news on Instagram and Facebook profiles of the Fair and on mostrartigianato.it.

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Oro e Oriente. Galileo Chini a Salsomaggiore Terme

On May 27, 1923, the Salsomaggiore spa complex, designed by Ugo Giusti and decorated by Galileo Chini, whose 150th birth anniversary falls on this day, was inaugurated. It is a grandiose work that reconciles memories of art nouveau, with suggestions of the Viennese secession, with motifs already in Deco taste and oriental enchantments. The exhibition […]

27/05/2023 - 17/09/2023


The Peruzzi jewelry store archives: a story of beauty and creativity of a Florentine “workshop”

In the evocative space of the former Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, now the Cathedral of the Image, theater of Arte Immersiva, the volume Gioielli a Firenze-Jewels in Florence was presented. Fratelli Peruzzi Archive 1880-1970, edited by Bianca Cappello, published by Livorno-based Sillabe Publishing House. Patient cataloging has returned drawings, plans, notes, photos, and […]


The Venice Glass Study Center

The Venetian Glass Archive, established in 2012, which is based on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, was recently moved to the recently restored 16th-century Sala Messina, located in the Cypress Cloister next to the exhibition aera “Le Stanze del vetro,” which has been the scene of important exhibitions for years. The Glass Study Center […]


MIDeC in collaboration with Triennale Milano

From May 13 to July 9, 2023, MIDeC International Museum of Ceramic Design, in collaboration with Triennale Milano, presents “The SCI, Italian Ceramic Society at the 1st Biennial Exhibition of International Decorative Arts in Monza, May 1923.” A celebration of an anniversary: at the prestigious venue in Laveno Mombello, in the province of Varese, the […]

13/05/2023 - 09/07/2023