ManualMente 2015: Precious Crafts

Again this year, FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian National Trust) will be presenting "ManualMente", which in 2015 is dedicated to the "Precious Crafts" of goldsmithing and the crafting of jewellery with semi-precious stones. For the occasion, Villa Necchi Campiglio will host an exhibition dedicated to the finest creations of master jeweller Alfredo Ravasco (Genoa 1873 - Ghiffa 1958). Among the pieces shown, there will be numerous triptychs, including the precious Triptych in lapis lazuli and coral. On the same days, the Villa’s tennis court will hold the now customary Christmas market, where it will be possible to admire and buy the jewellery and objects on display. For more information, click here  

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In Padua, the exhibition 30per10, arte ceramica contemporanea

The Scuderie di Palazzo Moroni is hosting the exhibition 30per10, arte ceramica contemporanea (30for10, contemporary ceramic art). Through a three-dimensional language artists from various backgrounds interpret the concept of space proper to the fourteenth-century frescoes, located in eight city buildings of “Padova urbs picta,” which, since 2021, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. […]


Two “floral” exhibitions at Palais Lascaris in Nice

The Artemisia and Fleuraisons baroques exhibitions, as part of the Nice Biennial of Arts, have as their theme flowers that evoke botanical elements, mythological and pictorial themes. Artemisia presents a selection of works by artist Eve Pietruschi, whose ceramic sculptures and installations are inspired by the plant that grows wild and on the edge of […]


Antique Vases exhibition in Verona

The Ancient Vases exhibition presents a collection of about 80 pre-Roman ceramics made between the 7th and 4th centuries B.C. that are not usually on public display. Beyond the excitement of admiring objects made, more than 2,500 years ago, it is surprising to observe the craftsmanship and execution technique of those artifacts. For singular beauty […]


How much do you care about the future? Artigianato e Palazzo Questionnaire

“Kindness and Sustainability” is the project Artigianato e Palazzo asked Irene Ivoi, a designer specializing in nudge design, circular strategy, waste prevention, green public procuerement orientation, and sustainability, to carry out. envisioning a guided invitation that orients people to act according to the principles of a circular economy. The project involved the creation of a […]