The restoration of 44 eighteenth-century models from the Museo Ginori della Manifattura di Doccia

Masterpieces in wax, terracotta and plaster that return to their ancient splendor

In anticipation of the forthcoming reopening of the Museo Ginori a fundraiser, promoted by “Artigianato e Palazzo”, the Association “Amici di Doccia”, the Regional Directorate of Museums of Tuscany and the Region of Tuscany, restored 44 models in wax, terracotta and plaster, kept in the deposits. They are works of the XVIII century, among which the well-known Bacchino ebbro by Massimiliano Soldani Benzi and the Perseo by Vincenzo Foggini. The restoration operation has made it possible to learn about the executive techniques of the models, in bas-relief or in the round, from the late Baroque period used as casts for the creation of porcelain works. Important stylistic details have emerged, as well as information on the solutions devised by the various artists and the techniques used by the manufactory’s workers during the repeated executions of the cast.

Issue XIII of 2020 of the magazine Quaderni dell’Associazione Amici di Doccia is entirely dedicated to this operation of protection and preservation and a video, on the social channels of the Association, illustrates the various problems that emerged during the restoration.

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