Reopens the Archaeological Museum of Stabiae

In Castellammare di Stabia, objects of daily life of the luxurious Roman villas of otium or rustic dwellings

Reopens, after the forced closure, the Archaeological Museum of Stabiae opened in September 2020. The structure is named after Libero D’Orsi(1888-1977), a passionate scholar of the Stabian villas and the finds of the territory. The museum is located in the royal palace of Quisisana, recovered from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. Numerous testimonies of the daily life that took place in the luxurious Roman villas of otium or in the rustic dwellings, farms of the Ager Stabianus, all built in places of great scenic beauty and overlooking the Gulf of Naples, are presented. The collection presents artifacts, from the archaic age to 79 AD, of various forms and materials: fragments of frescoes, opus sectile floors, stucco, sculptures, pottery, agricultural tools and a wide variety of wine jars, from the adjacent vineyards, and vessels of value intended for the rituality of the convivium.

Archaeological Museum of Stabiae Libero D’Orsi, Quisisana Palace, Castellamare di Stabia (NA); tel. 081-8575327

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