Homo Faber Guide to discover the best of art crafts in Italy

Homo Faber Guide is a digital guide to discover artisans, manufactures, museums, galleries and experiences related to the world of European high craftsmanship. The project has been developed in collaboration with the international network of partners of the Michelangelo Foundation, who contribute with their knowledge of the territory and recommend, evaluate and promote the subjects presented in the guide. Homo Faber Guide is a tool that helps to discover the Italian craft excellences thanks to the precious contribution of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte. The portal offers the opportunity to rediscover Italy with new eyes, accompanying users to their favorite places and enriching the journey with new encounters and experiences. Carefully selected ambassadors and prestigious partners will advise where to find the gems of craftsmanship that are hidden in every corner of Italy and where to find courses to express the creativity of each user.

Homo Faber Guide is divided into several sections: Discover, Visit, Experience and Ambassadors. Discover: in this section you can discover the best master craftsmen and new talents, ateliers and manufactures of excellence throughout Europe, and get in touch with them directly through the guide itself. Visit: allows you to find museums, galleries and stores that deal with artistic crafts throughout the continent. Experience: a section that offers a wide range of guided tours of workshops, master classes held by artisans, as well as exhibitions and fairs throughout Europe. Ambassadors: well-known personalities and institutional partners who are experts in the field of art crafts, creativity and design point out the artisans, galleries and experiences present in their respective cities. Subcategories: searches by country, city, craft or material.

Homo Faber Guide is a bridge between artisan excellence of our continent and art lovers, collectors, galleries, curious travelers and designers. It proposes more than 650 artisans in 25 European countries and every week new artisans will be presented, with the aim of exceeding the quota of 1,000 masters and young talents by 2021.

The Homo Faber Guide app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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