“Cremona is music”. The web campaign to enhance and publicize the culture and tourism of the area

Cremona is music is the new project of the City of Cremona born within the actions of tourism promotion that aims to develop and expand the effects of the campaign #inLombardiaComeMe, created by the Lombardy Region.

The City of Cremona has chosen to decline the regional action I’d like you to hear it like me. Every day, enhancing the sounds of Cremonese culture and tradition through a promotional campaign launched on the Turismo Cremona website and through various social channels. “Cremona is music” is not a statement linked only to the violin-making tradition of the city, because Cremona is music everywhere, in the workshops of artisans, in the kitchens of restaurants, in the streets, on the river Po. So the promotional campaign begins with a performance by the violinist Lena Yokoyama inside the Ponchielli Theater, continuing with the two testimonials, Lena Yokoyama and the director of the Violin Museum Virginia Villa, who recount the artistic and professional journey that has led them to become symbols of the cultural enhancement of the city of Cremona.

After the three introductory videos, five short teaser videos will be published in which the sounds of Cremona are enhanced through listening: the oars of a boat on the river Po, the soffritto in the pot, the cutting of Cremona nougat, the sound of the gouge of the luthier who is preparing to create his work of art.

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