Three stained glass windows from Ghirlandaio’s workshop in the crypt of Siena Cathedral

The stained-glass windows, two mullioned windows with saints and a tondo with the image of Christ, were made at the end of the fifteenth century by Domenico Ghirlandaio and his workshop, which had already distinguished itself for the narrative elegance and chromatic refinement of its paintings on glass. Made for the church of San Francesco in Colle Val d’Elsa, they were given to the Sienese cathedral, where they arrived in the 19th century and were placed in the transept. The definitive restoration, after the one begun in 2001, was completed by the glassworks La Diana of Siena, with all the precautions that guarantee the conservation of imposing and delicate works. The works, now positioned in the crypt of the Cathedral, an evocative archaeological discovery of the last twenty years, and adequately illuminated, show the characteristics of Ghirlandaio’s pictorial lineage, aimed at establishing a balance between the image, the decoration and the chromatic selection, so as to make the character recognizable and to arouse emotion and participation.

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