The spectacle of Beauty. From Benvenuto Cellini to the contemporary artists

On the occasion of the recurrence of 25 years of activity of the Fondazione Cologni, a special volume of the by now historical series “Mestieri d’Arte” is published for Christmas by Marsilio, starting from the image of the logo of the Foundation itself, which has taken as its symbol the famous Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini. The evocative title is Lo spettacolo della Bellezza. From Benvenuto Cellini to contemporary artists.
Around the masterpiece of the Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini, the great Florentine goldsmith and sculptor, the Cologni Foundation has constructed a marvelous tale, starting from a literary gem that bears witness to its fascinating events, by the talented pen of Claudio Castellacci and Patrizia Sanvitale, journalists and writers who have always been friends of the Foundation.
The authors create a compelling narrative, full of places, characters, works and objects of art, popes and sovereigns, illustrious patrons, music, banquets and banqueting, intrigue and plots … enjoyable as an adventure novel, as cultured as it is engaging.
In order to illustrate this story in an original way, the Foundation called upon a historical excellence of Milanese art and craftsmanship: the Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla & Figli, three hundred years of activity at the top of figure theater. The Company was asked to stage the characters and salient moments of the story dedicated to Cellini: and once again the unique and always moving magic, always capable of arousing amazement, of this theater of beauty in miniature was renewed.
In order to tell this story visually and bring it to life in the pages of a book, ready for the miniature actors, the help of an important Milanese photographer, Laila Pozzo, was asked. The result is an amazing transposition of the story into the microcosm of the puppet theater, with moments of intense poetry: images of great expressive power, capable of rendering all the magic of this small world of which we have always been enchanted. An unusual and precious tribute to beauty, which has inspired the work of the Cologni Foundation for 25 years!
Not being able to think of a presentation in the presence of the book for the moment, an evocative book trailer has been made, online on the website and social networks of the Cologni Foundation, created by Emanuele Zamponi, based on the screenplay by Claudio Castellacci and Patrizia Sanvitale, with photographs by Laila Pozzo.

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