The Nasci-Franzoia collection of 20th century glass donated to the Carlo Rizzarda Gallery of Feltre

Murano art, history and contemporary names

The Carlo Rizzarda Gallery in Feltre received as a gift, in 2018, the collection of glass of the Venetian twentieth century, and not only, collected with passion and attention by Carla Nasci and Ferruccio Franzoia, presented last July and now accompanied by a detailed catalog. In the three rooms that house the collection, works by the Vetri Soffiati Muranesi (VSM) Cappellin-Venini & C., founded in 1921 by Giacomo Cappellin and Paolo Venini and directed by Vittorio Zecchin, are presented, followed by the glass of the Maestri Vetrai Muranesi Cappellin & C. and the Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C.: manufactures whose affinities and differences, linked to the strong personality of the different glass masters and designers, can be seen in a direct comparison. The third room is reserved for glass for the table, a sector that is often neglected and considered “minor”, but which instead illustrates the changes in taste in daily habits, from the family table to the most refined. There is also glass by contemporary artists who offer different interpretations of glass. The sensitivity of the two collectors has traced a path where each glass “tells” its story, from conception to realization.

Feltre, Galleria d’arte moderna Carlo Rizzarda, Collezione Nasci-Franzoia

Via Paradiso, 8 Feltre (BL)

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