The first book in the Sonus series is released

In this volume, works on musical subjects from the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and the Cathedral

The first volume of the Sonus series has been published. It reproduces pictorial and sculptural images depicting ancient musical instruments. The first volume of this unique iconographic itinerary is dedicated to the works housed in Santa Maria del Fiore, the Museo dell’Opera and the Florentine Baptistery. It illustrates scenes in which instruments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are reproduced, used for particular public events, such as the silver trumpets depicted by Lorenzo Ghiberti in the Gates of Paradise, or for funeral celebrations accompanied by a short, straight trumpet, which was identical to the one held by the angel modelled by Tino da Camaino or in Andrea Pisano’s tile depicting Jubal, or the beginning of the art of music. Also on display are groups of musicians playing cymbals, double drums, bombards, forerunners of the oboe, string and bowed instruments, including the ribeca and the lute, as well as small portable organs and psalteries made with variations in the sound mechanism. Inside the volume a QR code allows, by clicking on the photographic image, to get to know the sound of the instruments reproduced in images, revealing the harmony of ancient sounds.

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