The book I talenti italiani. Mente, mano, macchina

The book I talenti italiani. Mente, mano, macchina, edited by Alba Cappellieri and Matteo Pirola, professors at the Politecnico di Milano, is the latest title in the series Mestieri d’Arte, edited by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, published by Marsilio Editori.

The mind, the hand and the machine are the three points from which the methodological plan of the project passes, on which man builds all his artifacts. In other words, from the union of theory, practice and technology, all the actions and things that determine a design culture are developed and which sees the traditional artisan approach as alternatively light and shadow of a more contemporary design attitude.

After a panoramic introduction to the role of these poles, the historical and critical insights between the Renaissance and the twentieth century lead us to the knowledge of the thin but resistant and dense plot between “high craftsmanship” and “high technology”.

Among the love and design interweaving that have often blessed the passion for Italian making, the universal humanistic vision has always led the human condition to the center of innovation, between silent revolutions and radical projects. The development of Italian design has deep roots in the artisan culture in relation to architecture.

With the evolution of techniques and the democratic ideal the figure of the artisan has evolved, often coinciding with that of the entrepreneur or designer and this artisan attitude is still well present in contemporary authors. And here, between authorial research and artistic practices the relationship between art and design, through craftsmanship, has found new places of expression.

The book recounts these fertile relationships in a complete and engaging way, also thanks to an extraordinary iconographic set.

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