The book 2000/2020 Design Super Show is out

The history of Superstudio Più in via Tortona, the first multicultural hub of Milan

The long-awaited book that traces the birth of Milan’s first multicultural hub, Superstudio Più in via Tortona, and of the city’s most important event, the Design Week, which started right here, is now out. The book 2000/2020 Design Super Show by Gisella Borioli, with the graphic concept by Flavio Lucchini, covers twenty years of innovative design exhibitions in 520 pages, 750 pictures, 70 meetings with the great protagonists of architecture and design who passed by Superstudio. A diary of creativity and emotions that is not only a testimony of how architecture, design and the world of the project have changed, but of how the whole city has been transformed thanks to the intelligences, also international, that have given their contribution. The book recounts the passion for the world of design through exclusive interviews and archival images of innovative exhibitions, spectacular installations and iconic objects that trace the path of transformation of the world around us. The book (paper volume) can be requested from Superstudio by writing to; the digital version is instead available by clicking here.

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