The “AD HOC” project

The new workshops with master craftsmen

The workshops of the Project “AD HOC. Strategies for combating early school leaving”, promoted by the social enterprise Con i Bambini, as part of the Fund for combating juvenile educational poverty, coordinated by Cometa Formazione SCS and co-financed by the De Agostini Foundation, are happily continuing.

The project implements actions and strategies to prevent and combat the serious phenomenon of early school leaving, actively involving the main actors of the educational community. The beneficiaries of the initiative are 120 boys and girls aged 11 to 17 from middle and high schools in the Como area. In recent months, the young beneficiaries of the project have met the master craftsmen Luca and Guido Solari of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana: the boys have had the opportunity to learn about the properties of silver and have tried their hand at making a band ring to their measure. Before the Christmas break, instead, it will be the turn of the woodworking workshop with master Paolo Santambrogio. The woodworking workshop, which will take place at Cometa, will introduce the students to Leonardo’s studies on the machines designed and built by the artist and will focus on a figure particularly dear to the Master: the dodecahedron, a solid that since Plato’s time was considered a sort of “miniature cosmos”. The students will try their hand at the realization of the dodecahedron in wood, which can only be executed through a particular technique. Also in this case the work will remain theirs. AD HOC continues its journey under the sign of a trust that does not fail, and that young people are the ones to keep alert and awake with their participation and their enthusiasm!

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