Terre. Artigianato artistico italiano nella ceramica contemporanea

The new book by Ugo La Pietra

Terre. Artigianato artistico italiano nella ceramica contemporanea is the latest research by Ugo La Pietra, an authoritative figure of artist, scholar and promoter of applied arts in Italy. The book proposes a fascinating journey through Italian artistic ceramics: a know-how spread throughout the country with types, techniques, materials, workshops, authors of a richness and diversity unique in the world. The book collects and synthesizes the most important researches in terms of contemporary ceramics, transferring the precious Italian heritage towards a dimension oriented to the present and of course to the future. Richly illustrated, the book also makes use of the significant contributions of other important historians of art, design and applied arts: Enzo Biffi Gentili, Flaminio Gualdoni, Anty Pansera. The work is enriched by an articulate and completely new critical mapping of the places of contemporary ceramics in Italy (edited by Anty Pansera) and by in-depth entries dedicated to events, exhibitions and institutional activities (edited by Simona Cesana). The volume of the series “Mestieri d’Arte” of Fondazione Cologni, published by Marsilio Editori, is set to become a reference text for the ceramic field and will be distributed from July 2021, in all Italian bookshops and online.

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