Restoration of a precious celestial globe from the Museo Galileo of Florence

The work of Jodocus Hondius Jr. and Adriaen Veen returned to its splendor thanks to Officina del Restauro

The restoration conducted by Officina del Restauro, with the contribution of the Friends of Florence Association, has brought back to its original splendor the Celestial Globe made by Jodocus Hondius Jr. and Adriaen Veen in 1613, preserved at the Museo Galileo in Florence. The work was created in the same years in which Galileo was compiling the Sidereus Nuncius, dedicated to Cosimo II of Tuscany. The complex iconographic project emerged in detail, as well as the original coloring of the cards printed and glued on the wooden sphere to depict the stars. The modern results of astronomical observations are combined with images of the astral constellations to which the signs of the zodiac correspond.

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