“Mestieri d’Arte” Rose

The poetic representation of the world of Italian high craftsmanship

Created for the 25 years of activity of the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte thanks to the expertise of Rose Barni, one of the most important hybridizers in the world, and in particular to the care of Beatrice Barni (appointed in 2018 MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere), this is a variety of bush rose with large flowers, belonging to the category of Hybrid Tea, with an erect habit and wide foliage, very robust and resilient despite its fragile beauty. This resilience, so precious and so rare, links this rose to the world of high craftsmanship: a fragile and powerful world, often not understood by institutions, which thanks to the passion and expertise of master craftsmen, survives and flourishes, transferring into the future the ability to creatively and consciously transform the material, so that talent and dexterity multiply the value and beauty. The elegant birth of its buds recalls the work and practice of art masters who give life to their works with slowness and love transmitting, to those who admire them, the value of their work and the depth of their meaning. The color is pastel pink, with chamois undertones at the base of the petal and a deeper pink hue in the center of the flower. This variety of shades recalls the symbolic and material richness of the objects created by master craftsmen, whose hands imbue each creation with the extraordinary patina of excellence.


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