Masterpieces of ancient and modern craftsmanship in the collection Luigi Carlon in the House Museum Palazzo Maffei

In the historical center of Verona, in Piazza Erbe, the seventeenth-century residence of Scipione Maffei, which houses the collection of the Carlon family, was opened to the public in February 2020 and can now be visited. An unusual, refined and captivating itinerary unites works and objects of medieval and renaissance art up to the 20th century that dialogue with each other for narrative, decorative or material affinity. Furniture, ceramics, glass, ivories, eighteenth-century majolica, have been collected with passion over 50 years by Luigi Carlon and presented as “household objects” that reflect the intimacy of the family and the artistic choices of the collector, aimed at indicating a path of artistic renewal through the centuries.

Views: Saturday and Sunday, 11.00-18.00, Piazza Erbe 38-38A, Verona Tel. +39 045 5118529

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