II edition of the Master of Crafts Award, Biella


The second edition of the Master of Crafts Award, promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella, in collaboration with the Associazione Fatti ad Arte and the support of the Gal Montagne Biellesi, is renewed. The objective of the Prize is to convey the promotion of artistic craftsmanship in the area and to help support the activities of the workshops that in the Biella area testify to the value of know-how.

Craftsmanship is today one of the social and economic sectors in which it is possible to achieve a balanced and sustainable development; in this perspective, this second edition intends to be inspired by the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, especially the issues related to sustainability. Particular attention will therefore be given to a project with strong sustainable values, with a design that aims to meet an efficient use of resources during the entire life cycle, from production to use and disposal.

The award will be divided into three sections: Prize to senior artisans € 4,000.00, Prize to new businesses opening € 2,500.00, Special Mention for the Network of Artisans – With the contribution of Gal Montagne Bielles € 4000.00. The projects will be evaluated by a special commission of experts, in which the Cologni Foundation will participate with great pleasure.

For more information write to: maestrodimestiere@fattiadarte.it

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