I Lava You, Too

I Lava You too is the third and last event, after the exhibition I Lava You opened in May 2019 and the urban installation Potlatch vietrese inaugurated in October 2019, of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the International Prize “Journey through Ceramics” of Vietri sul Mare, established in 1999. This is a commemorative project aimed at the future rather than the past, and the theme is the creation of a deck of Tarot cards on enamelled lava supports, assigning by lot to each craftsman a card among those of the Major Arcana. Each piece was to be “contextualized”, with references to local and regional cultural heritage. Remembering only a few cases: simple marine settings, architecture, landscapes of Vietri, typical decorations of the riggiole, the portrait of a champion like Guido Gambone, the representation of the Solimene di Soleri Factory or the appearance of famous historical figures from the South.

Literature has inspired some guests, with Madonna Fiammetta and Ghismunda by Boccaccio, and the Duchess of Amalfi by John Webster. Others had a more unscrupulous approach, with references to pop and youth myths, starting with a Joker or Death in the form of QR. These Arcana are about to appear, in virtual exhibition, online on socials, on specialized pages and personal profiles, and it will be possible for everyone to practice their interpretation. Subsequently, they will be placed by decision of the Councillor for Ceramics Daniele Benincasa on the walls of Vietri sul Mare in a “secret” site, in continuity with the choices made by the Municipal Administration and the Mayor Giovanni De Simone for every event of the 20th anniversary, from Potlatch to the Signs of the Zodiac in glazed lava produced last year on the occasion of I Lava You.

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