Hats and Headwear, Creativity and hatmaking techniques

A course at Spazio NOTA in Florence

The charm of millinery and the opportunity to learn more about the techniques for making hats. There is time until April 14 to enroll in the training course recognized by the Region of Tuscany Modisteria, Cappelli e Coprica in program at Spazio NOTA from May 2 to June 10. The training course of 220 hours in total is aimed at achieving the UC 2030 (name ADA sewing machine packages) and UC 2035 (name ADA Planning and organization of the process phases of artistic work) of Figure 473 of the Directory of figures of the Tuscany Region Officer in charge of the implementation and finishing of clothing tailored artistic craftsmanship. The course aims to create professional figures to be employed in the industry and/or handicrafts of hat production and aims at the acquisition of millinery techniques for the production of high quality hats and headgear in felt, straw and recycled fabric with artisan processes.

Info: www.spazionota.it

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