Diego Cibelli’s collection selected for MAD – Museum of Arts and Design of New York

Three of the items from the Feed Me with Domestic Stuff collection in flight to New York City

The Made in Cloister Foundation is pleased to announce that three of the objects from Diego Cibelli’s Feed Me with Domestic Stuff collection, on display at the Foundation’s headquarters in the LAB.Oratorio space, have been acquired by MAD, New York’s Museum of Arts and Design for its collection.

The mission of the Made in Cloister Foundation is to activate processes of urban regeneration for the revitalization of the Porta Capuana area in Naples and one of the main levers is precisely to promote the relationship between art, design and craftsmanship.

Feed Me with Domestic Stuff is a project in which the artist, in his collection, rethinks the world of the domestic: the porcelain objects are modular components for the construction of totems, which reinterpret domestic objects and are often assembled in multiple functions, such as a container for makeup brushes and a lamp that looks almost like a friendly alien.

In recent years, and during his research at the Department of Design of the Second University of Naples, Diego Cibelli has focused on the medium of installation as a means of investigation on different aspects of living, identifying a relevant cultural dimension in the very function of residing in a place.

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