Da vino e ceramica a ceramica e vino (From wine and ceramics to ceramics and wine)

A film, detailed but also agile, illustrates the history of the ceramic collection of the Lungarotti Foundation, primary nucleus of the Museum of Wine (MUVIT), inaugurated in 1974. The project was started in the sixties in order to contextualize the Umbrian wine history through ceramic containers, in a reciprocal dialogue between the product of the earth and the artisan ability. In the following years the path has become more and more wide and diversified through various typologies, decorations, techniques and a wide space reserved to iconographic sources and treatises. The ceramics, but also the glass, although in smaller quantities, illustrate the transformations of wine from antiquity to the art of the Twenties and Thirties, maintaining unchanged the principle of conviviality entrusted to objects, functional or valuable, that “tell” a long story.

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