Create your own personalized itinerary on Wellmade’s app!

The new function of the app dedicated to high Italian craftsmanship

Wellmade is a digital project of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte ( the platform allows you to discover the best artisans in Italy, learn about their work and review their products and services. The goal is to develop the community of lovers of well-made beauty, offering artisans of excellence a rich interactive showcase. Wellmade’s App, available and downloadable free of charge on Android and iOS, thanks to geolocation, offers a consultation focused on the user’s position, facilitating the discovery of hidden treasures in its territory.

On the Wellmade app, in the profile section – My itineraries, it is now possible to create customized itineraries among the best workshops in Italy: in addition to saving your favorite ateliers and evaluating the work of artisans, you can also create virtual routes, and thus keep the addresses of the best masters always at hand. The application is also easier to use for artisans, who can now manage their profile quickly and easily, directly updating information and adding new images to the gallery. Artisans can take advantage of the content offered to stay up-to-date on what’s new in their craft, learn about the work of other masters, and find new inspiration for their projects. Explore the content Wellmade offers and customize your experience as you navigate the world of art crafts!



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