‘Contest OMA 20>40’ and Bottega Strozzi Award’ 2021

The eighth edition of the Contest 20>40 of OMA and the third edition of the Bottega Strozzi Award. The Contest 20>40 offers five thousand euros to encourage the development of a company of artistic craftsmanship and the enhancement of technical and creative skills of the trade. The Bottega Strozzi Award, now in its third edition, requires participants to submit a professional project that illustrates a product that freely interprets the theme of contemporary art languages and pop imagery. The winner of the award will be able to exhibit and sell the product he has created at Bottega Strozzi, through a “sales account” agreement, from May to December 2021, with the possibility of continuing and developing the business relationship.

(In the image the product of the ‘Bottega Strozzi Award’ 2020)

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