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54 paintings of the Carrara Academy of Bergamo in China

Until January 3 in Shanghai, the exhibition Maestri. From the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century, presents 54 paintings conserved at the Carrara Academy of Bergamo that outline a journey through art from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century as part of the Magnifico! Alla the Good of Italy, which promotes Italian art in its many aspects. Works such as Raphael’s Saint Sebastian (1501-1502) and Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait of Lucina Brembati (1518-1523), in addition to the pictorial beauty and the subjects depicted, attest to the refinement of the accessories entrusted to skilled artisans who created fabrics decorated with gold thread embroidery, alternating floral and geometric motifs. The neckline of the female dress is embellished with golden ribbons and shell-shaped embroidery, a necklace of pearls and interwoven threads. Also visible is a chain with a horn-shaped pendant, which was actually a toothpick. #CarraraShanghai

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