Bianco Home Tuscany

Bianco Home Tuscany is a collection of art objects created by Giovanni Bianco, architect and interior designer graduated at the Art Institute of Pisa. Tuscany is one of the Italian territories historically richer than any other in examples of craftsmanship excellence: from glass to ceramics, from silver to porcelain, from jewelry to textiles, Tuscan art workshops have transmitted over the centuries the passion and taste for beautiful and refined things, teaching the know-how to the whole world. Giovanni Bianco, with many years of experience as an interior designer, wanted to discover and enhance with a new portal an extraordinary reality formed by small family businesses that work with care and love, where each object is made as if it were unique and unrepeatable, following processing times and custom packaging. Artisan enterprises that hand down and keep alive a wonderful and inimitable tradition.
All the works, handmade in Italy and wisely chosen by the Tuscan designer, can be purchased online on the website biancohometuscany: the selection presents exclusive objects and complements for the bathroom, for the bedroom, for the living area and the table furniture. Each creation tells the story of the workshop that conceived and created it, using artistic techniques that are the legacy of the masters of art of the Tuscan Renaissance.
Bianco Home Tuscany is a showcase of elegant excellence, rich in information about the creators, easy and pleasant consultation, for the made in Italy and high craftsmanship, which today more than ever must be supported, protected and spread.

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