Events Exhibition

Ugo la Pietra. An inner strength

From 15/11/2017 To 22/12/2017

Entirely devoted to the ceramic works of Ugo La Pietra, architect and designer from Bussi sul Tirino, the exhibition stems from the long-standing collaboration between the artist and the ceramist Giovanni Mengoni. Star of the exhibition is the Bucchero – a rare, mysterious and very ancient material, which nonetheless allows the artist to represent his contemporary vision. The result is a highly-expressive monochromatic show. Through his collaboration with a craftsman and with his superb command of this challenging workmanship, Ugo la Pietra is able to establish a relationship with the clay, carefully study it, and mold it as an authentic homo faber would. Info:

Vittorio Zecchin: Transparent Glass for Cappellin and Venini

From 11/09/2017 To 07/01/2018


Alchemy of Paper and Stone

From 04/11/2017 To 19/11/2017


The Japanese Renaissance: nature in the paintings on screens from 15th to 17th century

From 03/10/2017 To 07/01/2018