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The Piccolpasso Legacy

Gualdo Tadino
From 19/05/2018 To 20/05/2018

Buongiorno ceramica is the universal celebration of Italian ceramics, this year in its fourth edition. Two days to explore the workshops in Umbria, fascinating places that are usually closed to the public, this is an occasion to observe the production techniques, to see the kilns where the different forms come alive and to accept the challenge of workshops and laboratories. Museo Rubboli in Gualdo Tadino will dedicate two days to the legacy of Cipriano Piccolpasso (1524-1579), a man of arms, a military architect, an expert ceramicist and author of Li Tre Libri dell’Arte del Vasaio (1558), which opened the way, during the second half of the 19th century, to rediscovering the lusterware technique. With the contributions of art historians, opening of the muffle kilns, observation of the products and guided visits through the museum, visitors will have the opportunity to become acquainted with this technique, which although quite ancient is still much appreciated for the brilliant glaze with its typically iridescent effects, with fascinating variations of light and colors. Info:

Manifesta 12, Palermo

From 16/06/2018 To 05/11/2018