Events Exhibition

Le stanze del vetro. The M.V.M. Cappellin Glassworks and the Young Carlo Scarpa, 1925-1931

From 10/09/2018 To 06/01/2019

Until 6 January 2019, at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, you can visit the exhibition dedicated to Carlo Scarpa and the M.V.M. Cappellin Glassworks. The splendid exhibition traces the history of the glassworks founded by Giacomo Cappellin in 1925, highlighting its importance in Murano between the 1920s and 1930s. A tireless experimenter, Cappellin boasted a vast production of glass pieces, all linked to constant research into the glass material and form and achieving innovative high-quality results. Thanks to the reinterpretation of ancient techniques such as reticella filigree and Fenicio decoration, Cappellin was always able to stay modern and up-to-date.

Printing R-evolution 1450-1500

From 01/09/2018 To 30/04/2019


Overtaking. When Italy hit the accelerator, 1946-1961

From 08/03/2019 To 05/05/2019


Manlio Rho: il senso del colore. Tra tessile e arte (The Sense of Color. Between textiles and art)

From 19/10/2018 To 31/03/2019