Events Exhibition

Clara Garesio, “Mirabilia e Naturalia. Ceramiche e carte”

From 08/06/2019 To 29/09/2019

A compendium of the artistic and artisanal research of the ceramist Clara Garesio, with an evocative cabinet de curiositèatmosphere. From terracottas painted with enamels to porcelain decorated with third-fire colors, from works of painting and drawing realized on Amalfi paper to new works, up to site-specific installations designed specifically for the spaces of the Museum. From artifice to nature, from the imaginary to reality, ranging through a dreamlike poetics and an awareness of the cultural and technical heritage of the great Italian ceramic tradition.

A life lived in the wake of the ceramic tradition, but open to innovative and contemporary solutions, through an approach of inexhaustible spirit of wonder for a material as fragile and as malleable as ceramic.

Piero Fornasetti, “La regola del sogno”

From 07/05/2019 To 24/11/2019


10th International Printmaking Exhibition

From 22/09/2019 To 27/10/2019


Botanical suggestions in Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures on exhibit in London

From 13/04/2019 To 27/10/2019