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Annalisa Amedeo. Sinestesie. Natura, Storia, Arte

From 21/10/2017 To 21/01/2018

Annalia Amedeo is an artist and restorer of ceramic works who decided to use her knowledge and technical skills to create porcelain sculptures which continually interact with space. Her solo show at the Casina delle Civette displays 50 works which “cross the threshold of time and pass through all its dimensions”, to quote the curator of the exhibition  Elena Paloscia. Hers are conceptual synesthesia: in harmony with nature they investigate the essence of the human condition, pain, metamorphosis and change. The principal element is the leaf, which reproduces itself, curls up and changes appearance, thus initiating a journey towards salvation and hope. Strength and mutability and the dialog between being and appearance become an integral part of the artists poetics, enhanced by extraordinary manual skills. Info:

The Japanese Renaissance: nature in the paintings on screens from 15th to 17th century

From 03/10/2017 To 07/01/2018


Alchemy of Paper and Stone

From 04/11/2017 To 19/11/2017


Vittorio Zecchin: Transparent Glass for Cappellin and Venini

From 11/09/2017 To 07/01/2018